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Published on July 21st, 2014 | by Arp Smith


Snowboarding Basics

Snowboarding is a great pastime for people in colder climates as well as a fun experiment for those who are just visiting. Snowboarding, as its name implies, has people boarding down snowy hills, veering left and right until the boarder reaches the bottom and comes to a halt. Conceived in 1965, it grew to popularity soon after, and even went all the way to becoming a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998!

The thrill of tearing down a winter hill never does get old, and it’s an amazing feeling with just how smooth it is. In spite of this, it can be very dangerous without the right precautions. When a person goes snowboarding, they must make sure that he or she wears appropriate protection from the cold to prevent frostbite, and to keep themselves well-padded to avoid any serious injuries. It’s not worth doing if there aren’t any guarantees that the boarder will be able to keep boarding, eh?

Snowboarding Basics 1

Snowboarding is not just a fun activity – it’s a serious, physical achievement, one that rewards strength and determination with success. If you’re looking for more information, check out this in depth article on the basics of snowboarding here:

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